Ksenia Schnaider: Denim for All

Denim is anyone's favourite fabric. Make a jeans out of it, make a bra, make a coat and it'll look great.

For Ksenia, her obsession with denim is rooted in the Soviet Union's jean revolution. In her childhood, jeans had a cult status and were seen as being "really cool" to wear. With many shortages in the 90s, jeans became a luxury. 

It’s was almost like having fur is a luxury elsewhere, but having a pair of jeans was a luxury here

Naturally, at Ksenia Schnaider Studio we have a special place in our hearts saved for denim. We hand-pick every little detail to make the jeans you love. To make reworked pieces, we go through hundreds of vintage jeans every day and pick the right ones. For the designs made from a roll, we have picked the only factory in the world that is sustainable on every stage of the production.

So today, we are proud to present you our first ever denim campaign. We have collected our best denim and gave them a separate stage. To highlight the versatility of denim we invited people from the whole spectrum of backgrounds to participate. Among them are Dana-the-tattoo-artist who is as far from modelling as can be, a former drug-addict Dina (goes by Dean ‘UFO' Abu Zeiter) and a ukrainian top-model Natalia Gotsiy who lost her career after being bullied for having anorexia.

And denim looks good on everyone!

Photo: Stefan Lisovsky Style: Nadia Shapoval Makeup: Evgenia Kozlova Hair: Iris Onufrienko Models: Natalia Gotsiy, Marfa, Lera Kostogryz, Dana, Dina Abuzeyter, Valentin Sokolov